The business of wind energy

Learn more about the money part of wind energy.  Power is big business, and there is great ‘green’ money to be had.

The science and technology of wind energy

Better windmills.  Better placement.  Getting more power with less equipment.  This is where we look at technology, techniques and just plain common sense.  How can we design a better windpower generator?

Everyone owns the wind:  Social justice

People around the world need energy security. Wind power is cheap, plentiful, and whether high- or low-tech, people benefit by owning their power.

Wind Energy In The News

A timeline of clippings from news stories from across BC, North America and around the world.  Introduces some info on the players in the wind industry, where utilities like BC Hydro are pointing, and why W.E.B. is well placed.

Franchising and Sales Resources

WEB Franchises are designed to share well.  For $100, a WEB Micro-Franchise can be owned by a person (an adult, a child, someone with high or low income, or high or low business accumen), or an organization (such as a school or church group, large or small fundraiser.   It is designed to scale itself accordingly; it grows as your fundraiser grows, making income accordingly.  We encourage you to learn more – you’ll be making money while spreading the Wind Energy Revolution!   Everyone Should Own A Windmill (Brochure, version 1.0)