BC Hydro:  Standing Offers and Calls for Power

Making sense of how BC Hydro makes offers for power produced by our windmills

List of wind farms in British Columbia

See also: List of power stations in British Columbia
Name Year Capacity (MW) Location Owner Status Ref
Bear Mountain Wind Park 2009 102 55°42′N 120°26′W AltaGas Operational [21]
Dokie Ridge Wind Farm 2011 144 55°42′00″N122°17′00″W Plutonic Power Operational [22]
The Eye of the Wind 2010 1.5 49°23′14″N123°04′33″W Grouse Mountain Resort Operational [23]
Total 247.5

Assessment of the Energy Potential and Estimated Costs of Wind Energy in British Columbia

This study for BC Hydro establishes context of wind power generation in BC.

Great investments:  Let The Wind Blow…

In questionable economies, resource-processing industries (like windmills and gold mines) make  great ROI (Return On Investment).  GreenChipStocks looks at some of the other players.  (Notice that our ROI is better than any stock out there?  WEB has a far more productive business plan than simply buying stock.)

Wind Power:  Economics and Opportunities  

Energy production is a stable investment, gaining value when economies boom and staying stable when economies bust.  The W.E.B. business plan adds income streams, making weak economies a top time for micro-investors.  Charles Morrand, a respected opportunist and investment blogger peels apart other players in the wind field.

Canadian Wind:  Federal incentives and programs

Let’s highlight some funding and incentive opportunities for Canadian projects.  Includes the