How to join W.E.B.

Our Back Office software is almost finished!  We’re excited — once it’s live, the Back Office will provide an integrated registration, payment and management package to handle remittances, reporting, book-keeping, etc.  It’s due to launch February 15 2013!  Until then, we’ll do things the old-fashioned way – just get in touch with the office staff for periodic account updates and account withdrawals, and we’ll mail a cheque to you within 7 business days.  It also means that your Registration and Payment procedure is two separate steps.  Have patience; an integrated experience is on its way.

1.  Purchase your Franchise(s) via PayPal to complete your payment.  We encourage you to use Paypal; you can use credit cards, bank cheque, (BC provincial tax, and Paypal’s 3% fee will appear as Shipping & Handling charge.)

2.   Enter your information in the embedded form below (or Click here to Register each of your Franchises).  Each franchise can belong or be sponsored by different people.  If you need help, please contact us.  (Your information is protected by our highest Security Rating.  Read our Privacy Policy here.)

  • Please contact us for a custom URL if you need to  place a large order, to make sure that it’s received correctly.  You are responsible for checking all Payment and Registration details.  Legal Name of Franchise Registrants cannot be changed once Registered; let us know *IMMEDIATELY* of any errors.  (Read our Security Policy here.)
  • We’ll email you within 5 business days with your Member Number and Franchise Kit.  That includes everything you’ll need to get started!  If you need to refer someone before you receive your kit, you can do so with only your name, but it’s less secure and may result in delays as we may have to contact you or your new Franchiser.  You can print Conversation Cards and brochures to hand out immediately, or you’ll be able to order pre-printed materials.
  • You can join as many times as you wish.  You can give Memberships to a friend, a child or an Organization, as long as they have a bank account in their own name*.  (What info do I need?)
  • Please note that Memberships are a lifetime asset.  You will always have your Franchise.  It doesn’t expire, nor require membership dues.  That also means that they can’t be re-sold or returned, nor changed once registered – so make sure you spell the name correctly (as your bank records show!)
  • We spread through our members. Your friend will give you their Membership Number, which is used to track you through the grapevine. Soon, you’ll refer other members and they’ll be making money for you!
  • If you cannot find someone to show you how to make this business work, we’ll assign a Business Mentor to help you. They’re some of the coolest people in the world! Sign in as normally, and leave the Referring Member space blank.*

Can you connect me with someone in W.E.B?

We can hook you up with a Mentor to help you learn the ropes!  They’ll show you some great resources to help you get started.  Note that they have to come forward to be a mentor.

But if you want someone’s contact info through us — sorry… We value our Members’ contact info so highly that we can’t even give it to their friends.  We can’t even confirm or deny if a person is a member due to our our Privacy Policy .

I’m representing a like-minded Organization.  Can you sell your contact information?

We do not, under any circumstances, sell or share our contact lists for marketing purposes. We hate junkmail too. See our Privacy Policy here.