Legally, you’re buying a ‘franchise’ of WEB.  This allows you to sell WEB’s products.

  • Right now, we have one product:  Franchises of WEB.
  • Soon, we’ll have green electricity to sell… but first we have to build our generators.  (More about this in the Growth Plan.)  That brings many more streams of income… We can sell the electricity.  Since we’re producing green power which qualifies for carbon credits, we can also sell those too.

To sell a W.E.B. Franchise, give your Member Number and the website to the buyer.  They complete their purchase and payment online, and register themselves.  We will supply their own Member Number at that time so they can start right away, and we’ll mail off their Franchise Package which contains learning and promotions materials – a full business in an envelope.  For Gift Memberships, the package arrives in an elegantly wrapped folder that can be used for an eye-catching display to inspire discussion.  If you prefer, you can request “No Paper” option, which saves trees.

  1. You make a ‘Referral Fee’ from everyone you refer to W.E.B:  $8.00.
  2. You make an $8.00 ‘Pairing Bonus’ each time you add a new Franchise to both ‘A’ and ‘B’ Sales Teams in your Sales Genealogy.  (For more information, see ‘Binary Sales Tree’.  Understanding the power of this income stream is essential for those who want to earn money with W.E.B!)