We’re about to change the way we think about power.  

Wind generators offer one of finest solutions for the so-called “energy crisis”.  The wind always blows, we just need to catch it.  It’s totally pollution-free, unlike coal, diesel or nuclear power.  It’s scalable for large or small populations.  It pays itself back over a short time and produces for decades.  The land it rests on can be used for many other purposes at the same time.

It’s like owning a farm, but it’s easy to grow and collect from this resource.

It’s like owning a mine, but it is collecting something that will never run out, never ruin the land, never need to be re-planted, never take away from nature.  Windmills are beautiful, graceful additions to natural landscape and urban cityscapes alike.

Why should large companies and power utilities own all of the wind generators?

Ownership of a small windmill is easy – for a few thousand dollars we can all buy one.  Once they’re constructed and hooked up, they make power for decades with almost no maintenance and no fuel.  But wind power is a question of scale: bigger and better windmills make a lot more electricity for the same money.  (See Wind 101 for more on this.)

How would the average person raise two million dollars for an excellent windmill?

W.E.B. didn’t invent windmills, but we’ve put ownership of the top windmills and techniques into reach of everyone.  We raise money, while making a good business for many people.  We do the research, hire the right scientists, handle the financing, pick the right sites, construct the generators, negotiate with the power utilities, and maintain the equipment, all while sharing the proceeds with our owners – which are the communities that buy in for a very small amount, and spread the word while growing their business that:

  • can be owned by everyone easily, with no knowledge in the area and no sales skills
  • can be owned several times over, creating multiples of income for the same income
  • grows exponentially with negligible effort
  • allows an organization to own its own excellent income
  • promotes community micro-investment and cross-cooperation with investors, organizations and entrepreneurs
  • allows anyone of any age or citizenship or location to own a green power business