Hi John!Greetings from the folks at WEB;
tomorrow, I’ll have Michael O’Connor with us – our Environment & Society director with us tomorrow.

Is it possible to move our meeting time up to noon? We are actually VERY flexible — he and I will be meeting from 11am to 3pm; dropping by the Suzuki Foundation at noon.

Attached are a few docs to help paint a picture of WEB for you. In a nutshell, we’re cracking two tough nuts in the alternative energy sector:
1) grassroots participation and ownership, and
2) capital funding.
These are very exciting times for nonprofits and green investors who want to get into wind power revenue – they just don’t know it yet!

I’m eager to ask you about the CCC! Michael has prepared a bit of a SWOT on it, and if you have anything to offer a comparison of CCC vs. for-profit co-op in our case, we’d love you forever!

(We ALREADY love you forever.)

Till tomorrow at noon (or whenever works for you),
Glenn and the WEB mob
m: 778.837.6892

From Evernote:

Industry Package (1.9.1)

TripleBottomLineGoalsheet (2).pdf

WEBGrowthPlan (3).pdf

Funder Briefing.pdf

brochure-Jumpstarting the Green Power Revolution- 1-pagers.pdf