Hi all,

I received a bunch of emails requesting the original text from the website as we were planning it, complaining that the old wording may have been clumsy but it was more raw and from the heart.  I had thought it was clumsy and read like the stuff that falls off of an editor’s breakfast table… but there’s no accounting for some tastes!

I’ve never heard such an uproar when I’ve STOPPED talking…   -grin-

I’ve included the original text below.   Happy reading!

A ‘breeder’ system uses the outcome of a process to make more of itself.  Nature proves this system works – it makes great populations, and the largest organisms on Earth.

Economically, it’s made the largest fortunes, and in the business of energy, we need a need a large fortune to topple the Oil Empires.  If we don’t change direction, we’ll be running low on oil, high on expensive energy and unable to afford to make alternatives.

We can either let large corporations own our energy sources, or we can cooperatively build one ourselves.  In this co-ownership process, each of us contributes our energy to build a large body, and we all benefit from co-ownership, savings and profits, a better environment, and a business that we can share with others anytime.


A superior triple-bottom-line revolutionary business offering for the world:  Grassroots ownership of green power generation.
ECONO-SOCIO:  An easily-affordable, exponentially-expanding Return-On-Investment for everyone
ECO:  “The most environmentally viable source of low-tech electricity generation

“Down with Oil.  Up with Windmills.”
“Everyone should own a business.  How about a power generator?”

“Own your power.  Own a windmill.”

“Own a windmill company.”