Where would you like to start?
We didn’t invent the wind.
We didn’t invent business.
We invented a smarter way for micro-business and micro-investment
to get into utility-scale windpower generation.

Buy a share of a windmill for $50
(or own a franchise for $150)
and start profiting with the
Wind Revolution

How do we raise $2 million to build our first major windmill?


“An energy crisis?  Don’t make me laugh.  A crisis has no apparent solution.  Our solution is right in front of our eyes.”

We have needed a good energy revolution for years.  Energy is still slow in changing sources from bad to good, and even slower in changing ownership.  And yet, energy is all around us.  It’s literally passing us by each time the wind blows.  All we need to do is to catch it.

Triple Bottom Line

Ecology:  The time for alternative energy has been here for quite a while, but in certain areas it never fully took off.  Why?  Because lazier or cheaper options exist?  Because of a political conspiracy?  It doesn’t matter – there’s a clearly better option:  Grassroots ownership of a Green Power Revolution.

Business:  Make a great income, simply and dependably.  This company will never be in the red.  We started making money from day 1 and we keep making it for everyone involved with a powerful fundraising-and-profit-sharing model.  This business plan just makes sense.  The more people know about it, the more people join and let more people know about it.  No one is left out in the cold because the collaborative community approach means that people always have help and backup when they need it, and contribute as much as they can because it’s in their own interest too.

Society:   Grassroots ownership of our power supply makes a LOT of sense.  By empowering people, more people know where their power comes from.  We have energy security.  We pay attention to wastage.  We know how much we use.  We pay attention to ecology and economy because we understand them and they matter to us. We can ALL share in the profits.  We’re able to make the world a better place because we understand and we’re empowered.  Let’s all make a green power generation business that is easy to own and operate.


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